What is PSDOJO?

PSDOJO you ask? The first media outlet to be run by its community on its content and stories. PSDOJO aims to be the biggest community-driven media outlet and its blowing up fast so why not give it a try, The website is in its early stages and will be edited throughout the months it gets […]

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Stainless Steel Fit-outs

Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit-outs The Best Stainless Conversions   When looking for something different out of your catering vehicle always look for a sustainable answer to your question, Stainless Steel Kits are maybe the best solution for worktops, Fridges etc. to hit the market. Personally, I have seen a full kitchen fit-out on an old […]

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Buying Cars Abroad TOP TIPS *UPDATED 2018*

There’s a lot to be said for buying cars abroad and a lot of bad stories that we have heard! We don’t consider ourselves experts but if you ever need to get anything done just stick by our handy guide and you should be okay!   SOURCING THE BARGAINS: Now this is a long process in itself […]

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Starting a Mobile Catering Business

Starting your very own Food truck business when it comes to having a mobile business there are a few things to consider before going all out and buying a truck to sell your food out of. For example, you need to get the right certificates and qualifications before you even think about starting the process. […]

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Top 5 Classic’s That Stand The Test Of Time

Top 5    No.5 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra Not only does this Shelby look good it now goes for a lot of money giving such the iconic look of the car and that’s why the beloved Shelby cobra sits at our number 5 spot. No.4 1961 Jaguar E-Type The Ultimate the jaguar money can buy, […]

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