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What is PSDOJO?

PSDOJO you ask? The first media outlet to be run by its community on its content and stories. PSDOJO aims to be the biggest community-driven media outlet and its blowing up fast so why not give it a try, The website is in its early stages and will be edited throughout the months it gets bigger. The amount of volume we are getting for a blog this small is amazing so the team is very excited about getting the content out there for you.

We are excepting any and all stories at the moment so get your stories in at [email protected] we also need writers that produce PSDOJO’s own content so if your an upcoming writer and want to get featured on a media outlet which will support what you do then get in touch.

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Stainless Steel Fit-outs

Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit-outs

The Best Stainless Conversions


When looking for something different out of your catering vehicle always look for a sustainable answer to your question, Stainless Steel Kits are maybe the best solution for worktops, Fridges etc. to hit the market. Personally, I have seen a full kitchen fit-out on an old Citroen which I have mentioned on here before which has a stainless steel canopy supplied by Grimstead Stainless.


Stainless steel is a great alternative to wood fit-outs that were previously used as the sustainable aspect of them is the best in the business. Cleaning of the surfaces are a lot easier and they will not fade over time.