Buying Cars Abroad TOP TIPS *UPDATED 2018*

There’s a lot to be said for buying cars abroad and a lot of bad stories that we have heard! We don’t consider ourselves experts but if you ever need to get anything done just stick by our handy guide and you should be okay!


  • SOURCING THE BARGAINS: Now this is a long process in itself but there is no greater feeling of sourcing a great buy at a low price, Now having said that there are some things to look out for! First of all, NEVER send any money abroad without seeing the vehicle first – I get so many people come to me telling me I sent money abroad and now I haven’t heard from them! Well… Just think about it most of the addresses change when you actually organize to go and see the listing Funny that… If there is anything I have learned from being in this business is just go and meet the people Remember you can still walk away!

  • ORGANIZING TRANSPORT: There is nothing more frustrating than a customer telling us they would like to buy a vehicle and never actually going through the process of finding how much it is to actually move the thing. Don’t be shocked to find out that it’s a pretty penny to get international courier for a vehicle so sourcing one early with plenty of time to spare may save you money!

  • USE REPUTABLE SITES: Now seriously please take this into consideration using a site where lots of people go on daily doesn’t necessarily make it legit! So make sure you have read reviews and make sure the seller is doing correct business. If you need some Citroen HY’s try Vintage Builds at Citroen HY For Sale they fully restore catering vehicles so you will find some real diamonds here at a valuable price.